Connect WooCommerce to Facebook Shop – a complete guide – 2021

by | Oct 27, 2020 | WordPress, Facebook Pixel, WooCommerce | 20 comments

Have you ever faced issues connecting your WooCommerce store with the Facebook shop or the catalog? Or would you like to learn how to set up Facebook Pixel Events properly? If so this video guide is for you!

How to connect Woocommerce with Facebook?

There are a few methods to connect the woocommerce & Facebook. The most common one is using the official plugin provided by Woocommerce itself. There are a few third-party plugins also available to achieve the same.

Still, people find it difficult to sync their woocommerce stores with their Facebook shops using plugins. There could be various factors behind this issue where these plugins not working as expected such as the sites are hosted on incompatible shared hostings, obsolete PHP versions, the high volume of products, etc.

What are common issues?

This guide will be an alternative solution if you are getting below errors on your current Woocommerce – Facebook integration;

  • Missing required information developer. There are missing information required to set up the connection correctly. Please reach out to the developer for more information.
  • Error on managing Facebook Business Extension
  • Oops, something went wrong. This may be because of a technical error that we’re working to get fixed/ Try reloading the page.
  • The Pixel is not paired with a catalog. Please associate the pixel with a catalog using the Catalog Manager at
  • Something went wrong when connecting to Facebook! Please try again.

Video Tutorial


  1. Kirti Krish

    Excellent article. This helped me to overcome “Missing required information developer” error I encountered with Facebook for Woocommerce plugin. One question though, will my stock automatically synced between wc & fb?

    • Codechilli

      Hi Kirti, thanks for your comment. Yes, it does. Please make sure you are setting up the schedule on both Pixel Caffeine & Facebook Catalog (under Data Sources).

      • Vairamuthu Samuthirakani

        Hi I am trying to connect the Pixel caffen but when i select the google category it does not process furthur , I think my catagories does not match with those. How can i resolve it.

  2. Rory

    Hi, congratulations for getting featured on WooCommerce Spotlight. I had issues connecting my store with facebook & pixels. thank you so much for this lovely guide, now my issue is sorted & able to see my products on facebook catalog. Thx heaps.

    • Codechilli

      Hey Rory, thank you so much & glad to hear this 🥰

  3. Guglielmo

    Hi there, where can I see my google categories product?

    • Codechilli

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. Could you kindly elaborate on your query, please? Thanks.

  4. Simohnt

    Please I’ve been trying for months to reconnect my website with facebook for woocommerce catalog syncing with no success, (Keep in mind that it was already connected and working just fine before their latest update to the plugin), It just goes to this error message every time in the last step :
    – Oops, something went wrong. This may be because of a technical error that we’re working to get fixed/ Try reloading the page.

    • Codechilli

      Hi Simohnt, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately no solutions are found for this FB for WC plugin error. This guide will help you for an alternative approach. Did you try this?

  5. Paola

    Well I haven’t gotten very far. I got “generate product feed” and i get an error message: “Product #104955 error: the field “description” in must not be empty.

    • Codechilli

      Hi, thanks for your comment. This is because one of your product doesn’t have a description in it. Please update the description & try again.

      Bonus tip: Under Pixel caffeine product feed advanced settings, you have a choice to choose either the long or short description. Choose one suits your store.

  6. George

    Hi. Nice video but unfortunately when I create the product feed it only finds one product and I have more than 800..

  7. Abid Ali

    The video tutorial is excellent and knowledgeable, but if you give the overview and purpose and benefit of each steps before starting any topic, then it will more valuable, but any new user who want to make setup between woocomerce and facebook, it will be difficult to understand the purpose of each step. I hope you understood my point of view. Thanks

    • Codechilli

      Hi Abid, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, you’re absolutely right & we would love to implement the same in our future videos. For this one, we have added a timestamp at 00:39 & 01:30 where we do explaining about the platforms/tools in use & the steps that we are taking with brief reasoning. Thanks once again for taking the time to give us invaluable feedback & we do really appreciate it. Thank you!

  8. Abid Ali

    I can not share individual product of my store, but i can share whole catalogue ..???

    • Codechilli

      Hi Abid, you may choose what products to be shown in your shop by choosing sets on your Facebook catalog. I would suggest you to refer Facebook’s catalog documentation to get more info about this. Thank you.

  9. Lucid

    The pixel coffe dashboard and settings don’t show right, everything is a mess, its seems something went wrong with the update?, do you have the same problem?

    • Codechilli

      Hi Lucid, We’re not facing any issues as such. Our demo website (shown in the video) has Pixel Caffeine 2.2.0 installed (released on 2021-02-09). Please check if your adblocker is causing any issues…


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